The Sexist

I had a discussion last night with a friend which later led to an argument about the stand of women in the society and she angrily called me a feminist(which was meant to be an insult from her).
A feminist is not someone that hates the existence of men but, a person(male or female) who believes in the recognition of women as humans and not objects in the society. It is so funny how women are the sexists in the society, a woman was once asked her view on women in politics and becoming public servants, and she said women in power are the worst set of people. They are too proud and lack leadership qualities, she went ahead to list names of women who failed in politics and forgetting to mention the successful ones. If a woman fails, they blame it on the fact that she is a woman but if a man fails they never say”it’s because he is a man”. These are what we teach our female children and they grow up to believe that a woman place is at the feet of a man and that’s why our girls go to school with the mind of “let me just have the certificate” and end up in the kitchen. I hear the advocacy for women to be given equal opportunities in the society and not restrict them. If a president can restrict his wife i don’t know of the common man.
Dear sexist, The world has passed the age of women being objects and just a childbearing machine. I believe in African customs of women been submissive to their husbands and not slavery. Give them their own voices. Don’t determine their future by their gender. Teach your girls their self worth. I believe in a society where a woman who stands for her equality won’t be discriminated.
We should know that women are not objects that are owned by men rather, they are also humans and should be given equal opportunities as men


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