Eminem & Ed Sheeran’s ‘River’ Video Is Flooded With the Extreme Highs and Lows of Love: Watch

The clip focuses on a traumatic relationship involving Em, but also features appearances from collaborator Ed Sheeran

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and so is Eminem‘s promised video for his Ed Sheeran collaboration “River,” and in typical Eminem fashion, it turns the love-filled mood on its head.

The confessional, documentary-style visual begins with Em sitting in a bare room pondering the question, “What does love mean to you?” The six-minute clip begins on an emotional high, as the songs’ lyrics describe Shady hooking up with a woman behind her boyfriend’s back, and falling in love.

As the murky video progresses on, it transitions from cool waters to a raging current. A series of lo-fi clips of Shady and his new girl move from secret love to full blown arguing. The end of the video sees the couple hanging by a thread as Em’s girl breaks news to him that she’s pregnant.

“And I know she’s using me to try to play him, I don’t care/ Hi Suzanne, but I shoulda said ‘Bye Suzanne’/ After the first night, but tonight I am,” The Detroit rapper realizes in the song, brought to life in the visual.

Although Sheeran isn’t the star of the video, he’s seen throughout crooning the song’s hook, answering questions about the perils of love at one point and singing in the rain at another. As the video comes to an explosive close during Sheeran’s final verse, Eminem returns to the screen to admit what “River” means to him: “something I needed to get off my chest.”


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