My Lagos Life

Riding in the popular Mass transit bus(BRT) around Lagos and appreciating the beauty,liveliness and hustle of the megacity, Happy with Serene environment until I saw a disturbing which I must share.
It’s no longer news that the present Government headed by Gov. Akinwummi Ambode is transforming Lagos into a great city which includes clearing the streets of Roadside sellers, hawkers,e.t.c. I saw a woman who had just finished her daily been dragged into a black Maria van ready to be taken to prison because she was a roadside seller. She begged the KAI(Kick Against Indiscipline) Officers. Rather than executing their jobs, they preferred to assault her and other women caught. It was painful to see women and children been treated like criminals. Those who were rich enough to bail themselves by dropping every dime they had on them paid the KAI officers while those who had nothing were left to their fate of becoming prisoners who had committed no crime.
I am not against the advancement of Lagos, But hearing another victim from the BRT bus narrate her own ordeal I felt pained to know what the masses who voted the government in go through in the hands of the government.
It seems like Lagos is no longer the no-man-land but the rich-man-land.


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