Speaking Out

Molestation according to MW dictionary is defined as the act of harming someone through sexual contact : to touch someone in a sexual and improper way.
Abuse is defined as physical maltreatment (Merriam Webster dictionary).
Child Abuse is a situation that is been heard daily on the news. Stories of abused children, physically and sexually is something everyone speaks of, but forget about Emotional abuse which is the root of all abuses.
A fifteen years old girl who was been raped daily by her uncle since she was four spoke about how her uncle threatened to kill her if she speaks up. Even when she was been rehabilitated, she never forgot those scenes of molestation hereby making her go through emotional abuse.
Most times, the society adds to the abuse of these victims by making them objects of ridicule through their actions. Some complain about how fingers are pointed to them and parents warning their children to stay clear from them except, they want to become like these victims. These victims after going through these verbal and emotional abuses results in suicide.
Physical abuse is a matter that should be stressed in the society. Most victims of physical abuse are not living with their parents and these guardians who see them as burdens, rather than return them home, prefer to pour out their frustration on these children, who didn’t have the opportunity to choose their life. Some are been denied the right to go to school as enshrined in the Child Rights Act. Dear abusive guardians, if you can’t take care of your wards, please don’t take responsibility.
The aspect of molestation is not only about children but adults as well. Victims of molestation complain bitterly about how the police (at the counter especially )verbally attack them when they make reports about their rape. If the police who are supposed to stand for the common man can fail them what else can we do?. It breaks my heart when justice is not been given. The most surprising thing, is the kind of lenient punishment given to abusers expect rape which is life imprisonment though the offence of rape is bailable.
To the government, establishing dead rehabilitation centers which can add more to mental disorder of the victim is not the solution but making sure these victims are probably taken care of and not just thrown in foster homes where they wish death upon themselves. Most victims of abuse are not in their right mind as they have lots of emotions pent up in them. Show love to them and stop the discrimination!!!!. It’s not their fault. Please STOP ABUSE AND SPEAK UP IF YOU ARE BEEN ABUSED. WE CARE DONT DIE IN YOUR SILENCE.


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