I’m still not a fan of huge weddings, Banky W replies critics

Singer Bankole Wellington says he does not fancy “huge weddings” despite the elaborate series of events that marked his wedding to actress Adesua Etomi.

Banky W and Etomi have been on the receiving end of criticisms from fans since their wedding held, particularly because the pair had earlier voiced their respective aversion to elaborate weddings.

Reacting to the criticisms which have refused to go away, Banky W shared a statement on Instagram on Tuesday.

“I can see how people may want to shade me for my previous comments about disliking elaborate weddings. Probably seems hypocritical,” he wrote in part.

“But, truth be told, I am still not a fan of huge weddings… and if we had our way, our wedding would have been as quiet and small as possible.

“If u recall, y’all didn’t hear we were engaged until 3 or 4 months afterwards. But we quickly learnt that marriage is not just the joining of two people. It’s the joining of two families. And both families (parents especially) come with their own requests, desires and demands.

“And because your parents have loved, cared and sacrificed for you all your life, you kinda don’t have a choice but to give in because it’s their day too, and their happiness is priority to you.

“Good news is after the wedding, you get to live the rest of your life exactly how you want. Which is what we plan to do, by God’s grace. Not that I owe anyone an explanation but I felt like speaking up about this.”

Banky W and Etomi held their traditional wedding ceremony in Lagos on November 19 while the white wedding took place a week later in South Africa.


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