Veteran NTA broadcaster ties the knot

Cyril Stober and Elizabeth Banu who also works in NTA tied the knot after years of courtship.

Popular NTA broadcaster, Cyril Stober, who served and retired from servicein 2015, has just re-married.

He married his former colleague, Elizabeth Banu, who is another popular broadcaster with the same TV station.

The pair tied the knot in Garkida, Adamawa’s state, on Saturday, January 13, after years of courtship.

NTA’s Cyril Stober Weds Elizabeth Banu Also Of NTA . . NTA veteran broadcaster who served and retired from service in 2015, Cyril stober, today, in Garkida, Adamawa’s state, married yet another TV broadcaster with same TV station, Elizabeth Banu, after many years of courtship. . . The two broadcasters are known to be the legends in NTA’s news department for their role in casting news on the NTA TV station. Cyril was born in Minna, also had been previously married decided to take his relationship and courtship to the next level.


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