Cardi B Insists Offset Is The Man Her ‘Heart Wants’ Despite Cheating Scandals

Cardi B doesn’t need anyone to tell her she can have any dude she wants — she knows and she decided her heart still belongs to Offset! See what she had to say about staying with her fiancé here.

Cardi B, 25, doesn’t care about what anyone thinks of her relationship with Offset, 26. The “Bodak Yellow” singer took to Twitter to express her frustrations over people telling her she should leave her fiancé after multiple cheating scandals. “Bitches really need to stop telling me i got “no self love” or I’m “insecure “Bitch i know I’m pretty and ambitious .I know i can get me any man i want ,doctor,artist,ballplayer,A Prince .The heart wants what it wants tho,” Cardi wrote on Jan. 11 in a now-deleted tweet. That’s sweet, but also side-note: was she listening to Selena Gomez‘s 2014 track “The Heart Wants What It Wants” while typing her message? Because, relatable.

While it looks like she took down her message, we can understand why she feels the need to defend herself. She’s been receiving flack from fans over her decision to stay with the “Bad and Boujee” singer after two different sex tapes were leaked online and another woman, Celina Powell, came forward with allegations that she’s carrying the Migos star’s unborn child. Obviously, that’d be a lot to handle for anyone, much less for someone dealing with it in the public eye. The former Love & Hip Hop: New York star made her feelings about her haters well-known via an Instagram post on Jan. 10. “Same bitches that be talkin s*** in my comments, be the same bitches that be screaming in the club, ‘F*** him then I get some money,’” she wrote.

Even though Cardi’s been putting on a brave face in the wake of Offset’s cheating scandals, she did admit she was initially pissed off when she first found out about it. When speaking to Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga, she said she got over her anger by remembering the giant rock on her ring finger. Hey, if she’s happy then that’s all that matters, right?


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