Cardi B Willing To Give Offset 2nd Chance After Cheating But Will Be Fine Dumping Him If She Must

2017 ended on a chaotic note for Cardi B and Offset after the Migos star’s cheating scandal. But will they split this year? We’ve learned that Cardi isn’t ready to end it yet.

Offset, 26, has found himself in a ton of hot water recently when he was caught in multiple cheating scandals. But his fiancée Cardi B, 25, hasn’t given up on him yet. While 2018 surely got off to a rocky start for the couple, it may not be the end for them.”She hates all the drama that she is dealing with Offset but would rather give him a warning and a couple second chances and still be with him,” a source close to the singer tells EXCLUSIVELY. “As much as she would be happy and could handle being single she wants the relationship to work out and is hoping the hard times are behind them and that they can move forward together. She is going to do her part to make it work and hopes that Offset does the same because 2018 should be a celebration and not a distraction.”

The “drama” in question surrounds two separate scandals that both came out recently. The first occurred over Christmas weekend when videos were released showing the Migos singer in a hotel bathroom with another woman. Cardi confirmed to that the clip was indeed of Offset, and that the apparent cheating took place in September. Immediately following the leak, the “Bodak Yellow” singer made sure to prove she still stood by her beau.

But then things got even more intense when Instagram star Celina Powell claimed on Dec. 28 that she’s carrying Offset’s child. His legal team has since sent her a cease and desist letter which she slammed on Twitter. Celina has made it incredibly clear that she’s not backing down — she recently told that she hired a lawyer to serve him with a DNA test. “Offset is 1000 percent the father of my baby,” she said. Wow. Hopefully Cardi can handle all of this!

Flavblisters’, what do you think of Cardi B’s decision to stay with Offset? Let us know in the comments!


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