Shoprite offers last minute festive season deals

There is no doubt that the festive season is one of the most anticipated period of the year. If you postponed your Christmas shopping until this weekend, you have not waited in vain. Shoprite has saved the best deals for last. Visit any of the 23 Shoprite stores nation wide to get low price deals on foods, liquor, decorations, toys and festive items.
 View more low price festive season deals for everyone here (
 Find some inspiration for new festive recipes and gift ideas here:
 Normal Trading hours:
09h00 ā€“ 21h00 (Monday to Sunday)

 Festive Trading hours:
09h00 ā€“ 22h00 (18 – 24 December)
09h00 ā€“ 15h00 (25 December)

Send feedback and comments to:

Facebook: @ShopriteNG
Twitter: @Shoprite_NG

 For further information, or request images or interviews, please contact: +2348069480105


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