‘You Only Get married Once!’ Cardi B Reveals Plans To Splash $1million On Her Wedding To Fiance Offset

She has been flaunting her $500,000 engagement ring ever since her fiance Offset proposed to her back in October. 

And now Cardi B, 25, has revealed she and her rapper beau are planning to splash out $1million on their wedding, with the starlet hoping to spend a whopping $50,000 on her dress alone. 

The Bodak Yellow hit-maker made the confession during an interview on BBC Radio One with Charlie Sloth and insisted she doesn’t think it’s fair for her love to cover all of the costs himself. 

Asked about her big day, Cardi flippantly responded: ‘We’re going to spend over a million.’ 

Quizzed on who would be footing the bill, she claimed that while Offset has ‘more money’ than she does, she doesn’t want to pressure her beau into paying for everything, especially when she is certain her ‘expenses’ for the nuptials are going to be much more than his. 

She said: ‘I don’t think that will be fair [to let Offset pay]. I don’t like putting all that responsibility on my man. No, it’s a partnership. 

And I feel like my expenses is going to be more expensive than his. I feel like my wedding dress itself is going to be at least $50,000… it’s got to be extravagant.’

Defending her decision to splash the cash on her bridal gown, Cardi insisted: ‘You only get married once!’

She also expressed her desire to start a family with her love and claimed she definitely does ‘want kids’, but not until at least ‘two years from now’. 

Marrying Offset – who is known for being in the trio Migos – Cardi is set to become a step-mother to his three children, with the star only recently revealing he is dad to three children from three previous romances. 

A source told Hollywood Life: ‘Cardi’s right by Offset’s side, she’s ride or die. He wants to get shared custody of his oldest son and she supports him 100 percent.

‘Cardi has a huge heart and she’s ready to give love to Offset’s kids and be a stepmom… she is all about family and now that she and Offset are family, his kids are her family too.’ 

The couple had got engaged at the end of October, following Offset’s on stage proposal, and it’s been claimed Cardi and her beau will film their big day in a wedding TV special worth $1million.

According to TMZ, shortly after their engagement BET, VH1 and WE expressed their interest in the couple, with Cardi and Offset set to be ‘mulling over’ offers.

Speaking of her husband-to-be in an interview with Rolling Stone, Cardi dished that on her birthday, that fell in the same month she got engaged, Offset was away on tour. She said: ‘I was sad, because it’s like, “Oh, my gosh, I’m not getting no d**k on my birthday.” But I wasn’t going to get d**k on my birthday anyway, because I got my period.’ 

Professionally, she and Offset ‘polish’ each other, she claims. Cardi added: ‘I could always ask him, “Do you think this is OK to do? Do you think I’m getting tricked?”‘ 

Meanwhile, the beauty has spoken out about her past as a stripper and insisted she is ‘not ashamed’ of her previous career, before hitting the limelight after going viral with her videos on Instagram and landing a record deal with Atlantic Records. 

Speaking with the Guardian, Cardi hit back at the criticism she has been subjected to because of her past as an exotic dancer and said: ‘Would people feel some type of way if I was a cashier-turned rapper?

‘People want me to be so full of shame that I used to dance. I would never be ashamed of it. I made a lot of money. 

I had a good time and it showed me a lot – it made me open my about how people are, how men are, about hunger and passion and ambition.’

She claims her time as as stripper taught her how to ‘use men for their money’ and how it made her feel ’empowered’. 

She added: ‘No man wants to accept that they could be getting used for money, but it’s OK for them to let us know that they use us? 

‘Well, this is what women want to do to men: buy me a bag and go about your day. I don’t want to influence women to do something – I want you to feel that empowerment, like you could do that.’ 


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