Twitter reacts hilariously to the horrible statue of Donald Trump at Disney

On Monday, Disney unveiled its newest addition to the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World in Florida – a statue of Donald Trump – and it’s been described as “hilariously terrifying.”

The Hall of Presidents attraction was closed in January, while engineers tried to figure out how to immortalize Donald Trump in a room that includes George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. At first, there were several reports that Trump’s statue would not be given any audio dialogue unlike that of the other presidents, but it was later revealed that Trump’s silicone figure will be speaking.
Trump recorded an audio of himself, as has been the tradition with presidents since the early ’90s, and it was used for his silicone figure. But as soon as the clip emerged of Trump’s silicone figure speaking in the midst of other past Presidents, Twitter users made really hilarious comments, pointing out that the current president’s statue looks really creepy.
Some people suggested that the statue doesn’t accurately represent Trump because the engineers must have been making a statue of Hillary Clinton before having to switch directions when Trump was elected. Someone even said that the statue is actually Trump supporter Jon Voight. And there were those who pointed out that audio used should have been his words in the Access Hollywood taper where he talked of grabbing women “by the p****”

See some hilarious tweets below.

Hall of President Trump but with the Access Hollywood Tape audio.

— Dusty (@DustinGiebel) 18 December 2017


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